Tuesday, May 5, 2015

8 Faktor yang Mempengaruhi Penentuan Lokasi Kantor Menurut George R. Terry

George R. Terry berpendapat bahwa ada 8 (delapan) faktor yang menentukan lokasi kantor. Delapan faktor tersebut berisi beberapa pertanyaan yang harus dijawab ketika seseorang akan menentukan lokasi kantor. Delapan faktor tersebut adalah sebagai berikut:

Adaptability of space
Is the space adaptable to the needs of the office?
Is there room for expansion?

Building facilities
Are entrance ways, wiring arrangement, outline, ducts, fire protection, and other fixed facilities adequate?

The proximity of office building to business factors
Is the building, near to customers; to transportation facilities; to shopping centers, restaurants, and hotels; and to mail facilities?

The cost inolvel
Is the rate reasonable and in keeping with competitive price?

Natural lighting and ventilating provided
Is the exposure on the north, east, south, or west? Does it have large glass areas? Do windows face the street or open lost? Are ceilings high?

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Characteristies of the building
Does the building have a favorable appearance, good name and address that are easy to pronounce and remember, and adequate floor load and ceiling height?

Freedom from dirt and noise
Is the general area free from dirt and noise? Is the area itself clean and quiet?

Stability of tenants
Do tenants of the building tend stay put (are moving and transfering the exceptions)?

Dr. Hery Sawiji, M.Pd. dalam bukunya yang berjudul “Manajemen Perkantoran”
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