Sunday, October 19, 2014

Tugas-tugas Kepala Kantor (Office Manager)

Menurut J.C Denyer dalam bukunya Hery Sawiji yang berjudul “Manajemen Perkantoran”, tugas-tugas dari seorang kepala kantor (office manager) dapat dirumuskan sebagai berikut:

1. In relation to top management
To support and implement the policies off top management kust be the first duty. Equally, it can be said that an office manager has a duty of reporing back anytging wich need reporting. Arrears of work acute work problems, and staffing diffuculties, fore axample, should be reported promptly. He will also be expected to cooperate with the O and M departement, if such a departement is in existence.

2. In relation to the work
He should ensure that work is done, in the preseri bed or best time, and ensure that it is of the best quality. An office manager will be expectid to  see that work continues regardless of sickness, annual holidays, etc. it will be his job to deal with work problems, as well as organizing the work as well as over the use and maintenance of machines.

3. In relation to subordinator
He should recognise that they perform the work, and should take an in them and in the work they do. He should assess the quality of staffing, and recommendation for promotion and or increased pay. He is often required to train staff, as well as to supervise hem. He should be the person to whom staff can turn for assistance, and he should encourage a team spirit, and set good example to staff. He should remember that to the medium of speddy communication from staff upwards, and from management downwards.

Sumber gambar:
4. In relatoin to associates
Should an office manager have assocites on the same level in other departments, then he should cooperate with  them, even to the extent of transfering staff, if it is to the benefit or the business as a whole. He should ensure that there is good coordination with associates, that the office procedures follow common policies,  and that system “do vetail” with one another.

Dr. Hery Sawiji, M.Pd. (Dosen S1 dan S2 Pendidikan Ekonomi FKIP UNS).
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